In 2003,  Growing up in an informal settlement of Ivory Park, Lekau Sehoana didn’t have any Shoes to wear. He saw an old Torn Sneaker, he redesigned it using Denims and Polyurethane. The Sneaker became a hit and people started ordering it. Making an entry into the Shoe Making business and exchanging Pain with Profit , for the next 5 Years of his High School Years.

16 years later in 2019, the commercial Brand was born and he named it DRIP. The concept behind the Name and branding of this Footwear business comes from the modern day usage of words. Changing meaning of words to a whole different meaning, to make the word cool or what its being changed to even cooler. Drip means drops of Liquid although In urban street culture it means looking nice, having high fashion senses, Ukotini, style or being highly fashionable.
We blend very good with the new climate of business and social Media, Influence, Modern Street Culture and Trends. Thus our name is trendy and we have adapted to the current wave of Lifestyle and Fashion unlike 16 Years ago, even though our DNA and Principles still remain that of 2003.

There are three most important key elements about this Brand Called DRIP.

1. It was started in a Shack.
2. It was Started using Recycled Material, (Old Shoe Soles and Used Denims)
3. It was Started because Lekau didn’t have any Shoes to wear.

Now that it’s in the Mainstream and Commercial Market, we wouldn’t want to lose any of the Elements that made up this Brand. We are going to give away School shoes to people who are like Lekau today some 16 years ago when he started. We will connect with relevant institutions and through them, be able to contribute by giving Skills and and Shoes. Something to wear and something to hold on to, for the Betterment of our Youth and the Future.

Our Slogan is “The Township Dream”, no matter how big we get, we will never forget what made us, we created the Brand from a Shack but with International standards. And to remind people that even those dirty dreams are valid and they can create a Brand that is of Quality and that can compete in a Multibillion Dollar Market that is owned and controlled by Foreign companies. We will never forget our Township connection.

What then happens when an Old DRIP Sneaker is torn and worn out? We have created a system that allows us to buy it back from you, so that it doesn’t even up harming the environment. Recycling is our core and reusing the same material is what we are known best for and how we really started. So, sustainability is our best friend and we have implemented that system and we Carry on recreating without contributing in harming the future of those coming after us all in the name of Profit and Capitalism.


Lekau Sehoana , DRIP CEO

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